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    Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur.
    University College of Sciences.
    Dean: Prof. B. Re. Victor Babu
    Head: Dr. M.Subba Rao, M.Sc.,Ph.D Assistant Professor
    The Department of Chemistry, Nagarjuna University was the erstwhile Department of Chemistry of Andhra University Post Graduate Centre established in 1967. It was headed by Prof. L. R.Row(1967-68), Prof. V. Panduranga Rao(1968-80), Prof. K.V.Jagannadha Rao(1980-89,Prof. N.S.Prakasa Rao(1989-91 &1995-98),Prof. B.Sivarama Sarma (2005-06), Prof. P.V.V.Satyanarayana (1991-1993, 1998-2000 & 2006-2008) Prof. B.Syama Sundar(1993-95,2000-03 & 2008-10) Prof. B.Kesava Rao(2003-05&2010-12)Prof B. Kesava Rao Nominated as Chairman BOS for Chemistry, Bio-Chemistry, ANU and M.Sc Oils, Fats and petro products for VRS & YRN PG college, Chirala, ANU.The following teachers have served in other capacities in the University campus: Prof. L. R.Row(Principal I/c – 1968), Prof. V. Panduranga Rao(Principal – 1979-80), Prof K.V.Jagannadha Rao(1980-89,Prof N.S.Prakasa Rao(Vice-Principal 2002-03),Prof. B.Sivarama Sarma (Vice-Principal & Dean Physical Sciences 2005-06), Prof P.V.V.Satyanarayana (Principal ,College of Sciences 2010,Dean of Physical Sciences 2009-10) Prof. B.Syama Sundar(Principal, College of Sciences and, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Dean of Physical Sciences 2010- 2012). Scholarly contributions were made by Prof K.Sreeramam, Prof P.S.Radhakrishnamurti. Besides the department had the services of personalities like Prof D.Satyanarayana, Prof Y.Anjaneyulu, and Sri K.Ramakrishna Rao. The department has three specializations: Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry & Inorganic Chemistry with an in take of 42 students (14 in each specialization) The department has organized 13 major research projects funded by the organizations like All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE), Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Ministry of Defense (MOD) and University Grants Commission(UGC) Under the Principal Investigator ship of Prof V.Pandu Ranga Rao (CSIR-1/1969-72,UGC-1/1975-78); Prof K.V.Jagannadha Rao (UGC-1/1990-93);Prof.K.Sreeramam(UGC-2/1987-1990&1988-92);Prof Y.Anjaneyulu(CSIR-1/1979- 82 &MOD-2/1982-85&1986-89);Prof. B.Syama Sundar(CSIR-1/1986-89,UGC-1/1991-94 &AICTE-1/1996-99) and Prof. P.S.Radha Krishnamurti (UGC-2-1991-95&1998-2001).The ongoing projects are being under the Principal Investigator ship of Dr. B.Haribabu (UGC 2011-14);Dr.Y.Sunandamma (UGC 2010-13) and Dr. R.Ramesh Raju (DST 2009-12). The department is at present under NON.

    Particulars of Teaching staff:
    1. Prof B.Kesava Rao, M.Sc., Ph.D. Professor.
    Contact: 0863-2293269 Extn: 195, 0866-2486705,
    Prof B.Kesava Rao, reached at : https://www.nagarjunauniversity.ac.in/facultydet.php?id=25
    2. Dr.D.Ramachandran, M.Sc., Ph.D. Assistant Professor. Head
    Contact: 0863-2346573, 7396838080, +919866965335 ,
    Dr.D.Ramachandran,reached at :https://www.nagarjunauniversity.ac.in/facultydet.php?id=4
    3. Dr. M.Subba Rao, M.Sc.,Ph.D Assistant Professor
    Contact: 9989523339,
    mannamsrao@yahoo.com, mannamsrao@gmail.com
    4. Dr. B. Hari Babu, M.Sc.,PhD. Assistant Professor
    0863-2346575, , 8500338866 , dr.b.haribabu@gmail.com
    5. Dr. Y. Sunandamma
    Senior Assistant Professor
    M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D
    08632346567, +91863 2231341, 9441693302, sunandamma@rediffmail.com
    6. Dr. Anitha. C. Kumar
    Assistant Professor
    0863 – 2594324, 0482 – 9284113, 9885443761, anithackumar@rediffmail.com
    7. Dr.R. Ramesh Raju
    Assistant Professor
    0863-2594324, , 9866190692, rrrajul@gmail.com
    8. Dr K.Balamuralikrishna
    Research Associate Faculty
    M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
    0863-2346585, , 9490513125, balamuralichem@gmail.com

    Details of MOU:(University /Institute/Industry MOU entered Date of signing of MOU Purpose of MOU)
    1. PLANTEX, VIJAYAWADA; 06 July, 2002; Academic Interaction and Research pursuits.
    2. SAFE FORMULATIONS, HYDERABAD; 16 July, 2002; Academic Interaction and Research pursuits.
    3. MODEL DAIRY (P) LIMITED, NIDAMANURU, VIJAYAWADA; 14 Aug, 2002; Academic Interaction and Research pursuits.
    4. HETERO DRUGS LIMITED, HYDERABAD; 28 Aug, 2002; Academic Interaction and Research pursuits.
    5. GRANULES INDIA LIMITED, HYDERABAD; 24 Feb, 2003; Academic Interaction and Research pursuits.
    6. JOCIL LIMITED, GUNTUR; 11 Mar, 2003; Academic Interaction and Research pursuits.
    7. GLORIGIN RESEARCH SERVICES Pvt Ltd, BANGALORE; 12 Nov, 2008; Academic Interaction and Research pursuits.
    8. SREECHEM CONSULTANTS Ltd, HYDERABAD; 12 Nov, 2008; Academic Interaction and Research pursuits.
    9. BHAT BIOTECH Ltd, BANGALORE; 23 Nov,2008; Academic Interaction and Research pursuits.

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